Stephen Hutchings is a multi‑disciplinary digital designer, with hands-on experi­ence spanning UI & UX design, front‑end develop­ment, type design, branding, animation and illustration.

I sit at the intersection of design and front-end development, working with a small and talented team as the lead designer. It’s my job to make sure every­thing looks great and works intuitively, building digital products that are fit for purpose and full of joy. Every time you read, click, search, tap, drag, delete, edit or sign in, I’m the one who designs and builds that user experience.

My Role

I’m all about balancing the big picture with the nitty gritty. I make decisions about the best way to introduce new features, how they fit into the user experience and how we can achieve great results within technical and time constraints. Then I get my hands dirty. On any given day, you might find me with my design hat on, creating wireframes, mock-ups, graphics and animations, style guides, logos and any other artwork. Otherwise I’ll be working on the front-end, producing prototypes, implementing designs, tweaking interactions, reviewing code or writing documentation.

Special Interests

My full time role is only half the story. I’m always busy working away on other projects. At the moment I’m moonlighting as a type designer, creating a number of different retail fonts. This text is set in the latest, a typeface called Philippa Antipode. In the past, I’ve created an iOS app for creatives to manage colour swatches on the go. You might know Typicons, one of the first freely-available icon fonts. I’ve also written a number of open source front-end libraries, which you can find on GitHub. My interest in design fields that interrelate with my work keeps me engaged and provides fresh insight into the problems that need to be solved day‑to‑day.

My Philosophy

I want to make better digital products. I get excited about the small details – microcopy, tone of voice, typography, motion – as well as the big picture – user journeys, information hierarchy, business logic, brand positioning. You need both to create beautiful, well-designed solutions.